Althea Adams – Wards 3 & 4

Althea Guzman Adams is a native Calgarian who is passionate about education. Althea is the only parent of two children in the CBE system.

Her passion for education includes increasing STEM education available to students. The benefits of this became clear during her time as Communications Coordinator at the Association of Professional Engineers, Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). Her responsibilities included organizing, planning and running the Calgary Science Olympics. This popular, city-wide event is designed for students from grades 1 to12 to showcase their science and technology knowledge and skills. Althea has been an avid volunteer on her children’s school council, and as chair, was a strong advocate for positive actions to enhance the quality of student learning at the school.

As Co-President of Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC) Althea has been a strong voice for responsive public education. CAPSC is a parent-led organization that represents one third of CBE schools through their school councils. She has served as their media contact for the past two years. As a school trustee, she will bring passion and determination to do what’s best for all students in the CBE.

Althea is also a talented musician. She is currently in a leadership position as the assistant director for Vocal Motion Chorus, an internationally awarded all female a Cappella group. Althea was also one of the founding chorus members serving as their Team Leader for their first three years.

Althea has a Bachelors of Applied Communications from Mount Royal University.

Althea is running for CBE Trustee in Wards 3 & 4.

Can Althea count on your support?


  • I am a cancer doctor at the Tom Baker Cancer Center and served as one of the main doctors taking care of Althea’s husband, Trevor, for about a year through what was ultimately a fatal illness. The work that I do provides me with insights into the true mettle of my patients and their families under the most difficult circumstances that can be imagined.  And through that lens Trevor and Althea proved to be an amazing couple from whom I learned a great deal about life and courage.  I don’t think I ever saw Trevor without Althea at his side. They gave us their trust but Althea always asked the challenging questions; not confrontationally but rather to be informed and allow them to make wise decisions.  And their decisions were indeed wise and guided by common sense, insight and clear thinking about the future of their family. Through all of this and after Trevor’s passing Althea always had the time and energy to invest in and protect the welfare of their young sons.
    Althea does not complain when things don’t work. She looks for solutions. Althea has repeatedly shown me that she translates her own experiences and challenges with “the system” into opportunities to better her whole community.
    On even the biggest issues Althea asks how she can help and then shows up with the “A team” to try and deliver on her offers. I am amazed at the people she can mobilize and bring onto her team.
    I really like Altheas’ kids. She has kept them grounded in the most difficult situation a family could face.
    Althea is a strong advocate. More importantly her advocacy is based upon careful observation, questioning and synthesis of information.

    Christopher B Brown, MD FRCP(C)

    Professor of Medicine,
    University of Calgary

  • I can say without reservation that Althea Adams would be the right choice for the CBE trusteeship for Wards 3 and 4.
    Althea has an outstanding character which displays honesty and integrity in all that she does. She speaks kindly but is respectfully firm when she needs to be and would be able to affect the kind of change needed to ensure our children have access to the best education available.
    She has my trust and my vote.

    Tyler Hughes Pinder-MBA, CIM  

  • Fix Math:

    Math is broken. More kids are failing math and CBE is not fixing the problem. We will fix it.

  • Fund Classrooms, not Admin:

    We will move millions back into the classroom. CBE staffing MUST be focused on support in the classroom.

  • Fix Report Cards:

    Report cards allow parents to support their child's learning. For many parents this is the best way to see their child's progress and meaningful report cards must be reinstated.

  • Keep Big Money out of Elections:

    Special interests have no role in education. We will not accept corporate or union donations.

  • Ensure Student Wellness:

    Ensuring students feel safe at school is a priority to us all. We propose establishing an independent ombudsman to handle any unresolved student or parent concerns about bullying.